What do the top 1% of software engineers do that the other 99% do not

2016-04-27 00-50-28 by Kamushin

Reflect on the past working year by some measure on quora.

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Python multiprocessing WHY and HOW

2016-04-25 14-41-15 by Kamushin

Some thinking and traps in refactor multithreading Python to multiprocessing.

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对 Paxos 的一些理解

2016-04-22 14-12-26 by Kamushin
  1. prepare 阶段是干嘛的 1. 为什么比2pc 好 2. 什么时候持久化
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MySQL 首行查询陷阱

2016-04-08 00-00-26 by Kamushin

分析 MySQL 首行查询出现的条件和原理

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Alter dataSource in Spring By AOP And Annotation

2016-04-06 20-42-11 by Kamushin

About how to use AOP to alter dataSource. And something interesting about proxy in Spring framework.

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hashHistory and browserHistory in React-Router

2016-03-17 23-09-38 by Kamushin

something I met about hashHistory and browserHistory

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Why Alipay lottery failed

2016-02-08 02-13-37 by Kamushin

some naive thinking about why alipay failed to get applause in 2016 CCTV Spring Festival Gala

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notes of ArchitectureOfDatabaseSystem

2016-02-07 00-40-21 by Kamushin

reading notes of ArchitectureOfDatabaseSystem

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Member functions in Python

2016-02-03 14-51-01 by Kamushin

Pass a self.func as an argument is passing a function and a self object.

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SSCursor in MySQL

2016-01-19 14-55-49 by Kamushin

What is and How to use SSCursor in MySQL

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