The os.cpus() API added in Nodejs v0.3.3 shows all processors in /proc/cpuinfo. This API is often used to give a suggestion of how many worker processes created by cluster. However, in a docker/lxc environment, some
of the cpus are not allowed to be used by a container.
For more accurate information, we should cat /proc/self/status. This file will show the specific allowed cpus. Or use the command nproc.

Python subprocess 线程不安全的解决方案

2017-03-02 18-02-57 by Kamushin

1.升级至 Python3.2 2.使用多进程替代多线程 3.在 Python2.7 下使用 subprocess32 包

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从一次失效的文件锁看看 Python 的垃圾回收机制

2017-02-17 17-54-39 by Kamushin

不同的调用方式导致了文件锁的成功与失效, 原因是触发了 Python 的垃圾回收机制. Python的垃圾回收机制还是比较原始的, 基本上就是引用计数, 标记清除和分代.没有什么黑魔法.

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KernelRestarter: restart failed in Jupyter

2017-02-03 17-43-26 by Kamushin

Kernel start failed in case of running Jupyter as pid 1.

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No space left on device

2017-01-05 13-40-12 by Kamushin

No space left on device

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Why shouldn't use component wrap a Route

2016-08-31 11-22-52 by Kamushin


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2016-07-26 16-02-25 by Kamushin


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Python subprocess包中的父子进程沟通

2016-06-02 01-19-24 by Kamushin

Python subprocess包中父子进程如何沟通, 使用不当又会有什么后果。

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Python 调试方法

2016-05-21 15-45-00 by Kamushin

在解决一个线上程序 hang 住的过程中, 研究了几种 Python 调试方法, 总结下各自的优缺点.

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Loggers in Python

2016-05-21 15-14-04 by Kamushin
  1. Loggers will be stored in manager in Python. Handlers will cause resource leak if not removed.
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